Q: How do I know if a Website is secure?

A: There are several ways to confirm that you are in a secure area. All SSL browsers listed below have a symbol in the lower left corner of the browser that indicates you are in a secure mode. You can also tell when you are in a secure area because the URL to the left of the colon changes from "http" to "https".

Q: What if I am not comfortable giving my credit card number online? Can I still apply for insurance from Starmount?

A: Absolutely. We encourage you to print a copy of the appropriate product application, complete it and send it to us via fax (toll-free: 1-888-729-7827) or regular mail (P.O. Box 98100, Baton Rouge, LA, 70898-9100). Or, call us toll-free at (855) 235-5999 and we will be glad to send any materials you need. If you apply online, under the Fair Credit Billing Act, your bank can not hold you liable for more than $50 of fraudulent charges. If your bank does hold you liable for any of this $50, Starmount Life Insurance will cover the entire liability for you, up to the full $50.

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Q: Which part of Starmount Life's website is secure?

A: The applications for all products as well as registration are secure.

Q: Does anyone else see the information that I provide to Starmount?

A: We respect your privacy. No customer information is made available to outside companies. Information gathered online is used solely for the purpose of personalizing your policy information and providing you with the insurance protection you need.